Hyper-culture: Merging Bengal and Africa. Part II.

As promised, I present the Photo-shoot pictures... It took us 8 hours to get everything done! And it was a pretty nostalgic time for us too considering that it was the final lap in our assignment. This is what it all came down to:

Photographer: Soumen Halder
Model: Meghana Nyayapati
Hair: Radhika Prashar & Surabhi Singh
Make-Up: Anurag Paul (Guest-Appearance, haha!)
Lights and Settings: Sandipan Das & Snigdha Seksaria.

And so, this trip came to an end. It was one of the best times for me. Made me realize that there is SO much to learn. We cannot live in our comfort zone forever and expect to become better. We need to come out, slowly... Maybe we'll fall a million times, but the feeling when you finally come out and stand by yourself on your own kinda erases out all the bad times and hardships you've face.

Our work is done, yet our work will live on forever. Because your creations never die. :)

Love :]

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