Girl. Interrup-ting!

Have you ever spotted someone on the street that is dressed ever so nonchalantly yet makes you wonder what it is that's making them stand out?
Thus Monster Ate My Couture started it's search to find the answer to this. And one girl gave us the answer:
Neha Naik is a student of Fashion at National Institute of Fashion Technology in Calcutta. She's best known in her college for her obviously cute style and thick kohled eyes.
She loves mixing girly with grunge and MAmC digs that she's a D-I-Y baby because she loves to rip her own jeans and cuts 'em up to make the cutest shorts like the one she's wearing above! 
The petite girl likes to add her own twist to whichever garment she wears. A shirt tied up in front, lace stocking with converse or even shredded jeans with a cutesy bubble top, she's fearless in her style statements.
MAmC loves how she matches these vintage looking block heels with her ripped shorts. And the "too-large-for-me" wrap around her neck completes the look perfectly!
And oh, the ring on her finger? Is not really a ring, it's a rubber band knotted around her finger. Conveniently chic? We agree! 
The girl loves to shop at Chemistry, Vero Moda and Benetton, though occasionally you might find her with a pair of scissors in her hand ready to rip up something totally awesome out of her old clothes!

Top: Chemistry
Wrap: Shoppers' Stop
Shorts: Lee
Opaque Stockings: Vero Moda
Shoes: Catwalk

Peace :]

Shock. Then Kill.

I always think of my life a this constant struggle to break free from myself. I'm one of those people who's always following rules and I'm too scared to come out of this cocoon I've built for myself.
This post marks my emancipation. It's always better to be the designer who never falls in any genre, but creates her own. Follow all rules, by breaking them. 
Making these illustrations made me realize that the rules that we've been taught all these years have already changed us and molded us into exactly how society wants us to be. But what we want to be comes out in the form of our creative expressions. And no one can take that away from us.

Flaunt : Hide- The Prodigal Artificer!

Whenever we think of leather, we think of the that male dominated territory of shoes, belts and bags that much to a woman's dismay, pretty much don't make it to her closet. But then again, there are some people, working away in the shy Leather Design laboratories of Fashion Schools making sure that one day, the hides that men are so proud to wear might become a woman's treasure.
One such person, who I may add is one of the most creatively advanced people at the National Institute of Fashion Technology at Calcutta. This one's for the prodigal artificer:
Reetika Singh is in her Final Year studying Leather Design. Monster Ate My Couture loved the spark that this leather loving lass carries with her.
"I believe in story-telling. Simplicity, complexity or sometimes both, help me make my renditions and I strive to reach out to as many hearts as possible."
 This jacket made of Rexine describes exactly how her design philosophy translates into her work. Simple arcs that flip and meet with the superbly constructed panels make this jacket a stunner!

We also think that this jacket is a classic one, where attention to details make it unique. When asked what her USP is, she said,
"Perhaps the unique surfaces or shapes that I use to create my renditions which may or may not be of leather is definitely what sets me apart."
...And we couldn't agree more!
Her designs come across as a fresh burst of energy and her color combinations are stunning. Like how well the Turquoise and Nude combination looks on this multi-ridged duffel.
So who does this bundle of talent look up to or get inspired by?
"No single designer, artwork or designwork inspires me. My inspirations are drawn from everyone and everything around me. But yes, I really look up to Bottega Veneta's finesse and 

Fabergé egg's beauty."
Nothing less than the best, eh? 
Every designer has a dream client, so who is her dream client?
"Happens to be the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Her panache and confidence instills a certain drive to adorn her."

 Well MAmC thinks that her creativity is best fit for royalty, too. The class and edge in her designs ensure that she is meant to be between stars and here's hoping that she reaches the pinnacle of success that she is aiming for!


Photography & Editing: Subhajit Adhya & Pritam Pradhan
Styling & Products: Reetika Singh 
Model: Sasha Prabhakar

Please note:
Monster Ate My Couture, under any circumstances, is not supporting the leather industry due to the toll it takes on animals. The post has products made of synthetic leather as we are against any sort of animal abuse.

Love and Peace :]

For Men and Swag: It's the Dude-Fashion Post.

There are guys. And then there are "well-dressed" guys. The second category of guys are what the masses might follow, or outcast as they wish. These are the anti-fashions. For a guy in India to break away from the Half-sleeved checks or the Bermuda could turn out to be quite a task. Monster Ate My Couture was on the lookout of the guys who did. And look who we found scorching the city.
Kovid is a fashion student and being so styling himself up comes naturally to him. His look is very much inspired from Hip-Hop and the American street style and occasionally he does wear the Hip Hop Cap. *swagger like that?*
Let's put a lid on it now. When it comes to his style, Kovid doesn't just follow the generic B-Boy schemes. MAmC loved how he replaced the over sized (and over-rated) t-shirt with a tee his own size in bright colors. The sneakers with the side lacing caught our eye. (And we adored them).
The killer graphics on the tee=Brownie points! Another thing that got us wolf-whistling was the fact that he actually experimented with wearing jodhpurs with the style he usually carries. The olive cotton jodhpurs give the "baggy" look of the quintessential Hip Hop wardrobe without making him look like he's packing on pounds!
So this one's for the guys: We know you love your 50 Cents and Lil' Waynes but we really don't like the flash of boxers anymore. Its a faux pas now and we'd like to forget it like a nightmare.
Just grab those wayfarers and swagger on!

Photography & Editing: Soumen Halder
Styling: Abhishek Biswas & Radhika Prashar
Creative Direction: Radhika Prashar (Me!) :D
Behind-the-Scenes Photography: Abhishek Biswas

Peace & Love :]

Monster on the Prowl: Search for the Princess on Converse!

Monster Ate My Couture continued it's hunt on the streets of Calcutta for the girl who takes that extra 5 minutes to create an edge with whatever she wears when she's out and about.
This time we decided to broaden our vision and look for your girl next door punk princess who is anything but average.
Look who we found raising the temperature with her style!

We love the knotted white top with the relaxed denims. The best part about this young lady is how she clashes feminine with the not-so-feminine worn out Converse. The yellow laces add the much needed pop of color which breaks the monotony of white and black.

We adore the very vintage sling in Brown! Classic leather never goes out of fashion. Pooja shops mostly from Chemistry and Mango. But she doesn't mind shopping from the best flee market in Calcutta: New Market.

Top: Chemistry
Denims: UMM
Shoes: Converse
Bag: United Colours of Benetton

Much Love :]

Monster on the Prowl: Chic-Hunt on the Streets!

Monster Ate My Couture was out hunting for the hottest divas on the streets of Kolkata. I feel that this city is so misunderstood about it's fashion sense! And if you have ANY doubts about that, then take the next bus to Salt Lake and drop by at NIFT, Kolkata to take a peek.
This college ups its style quotient and don't you have any qualms about that. "Never compromise on style". That's the mantra of NIFT Cal.
All that was needed was my camera.
MAmC's first outfit post and the honor goes to.... *drum roll*

Zuali reminds us of why we are insanely jealous of North Eastern beauties. They almost always make a statement with whatever they wear. 
Zuali has an amazing taste when it comes to dressing up. Matching the perfect accessory with every garment without over doing it is her personal style. 
My personal favourite pick from her accessories? Her boyfriend’s Burberry watch! Zuali mostly shops from malls at Aizwal and Metro Plaza in Calcutta.
Jumpsuit: Golden Colours, Metro Plaza
Cardigan: Flee Market, Aizwal
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: Millennium Centre, Aizwal
Watch: Burberry

Special thanks to Surabhi Singh for helping me with the shoot. Love you and you know it!
Just incase you're interested, the backgrounds have been taken from this AMAZING Spanish illustrator  Fab Ciraolo. I love his works and am a big fan *respect*. His retro-ish style illustrations contemporizes almost everything people believe in. From Madonna to Alice (in wonderland).... even Jesus! Everyone we know in the way they would really be if they were a part of this world.

Happyness :]