Girl. Interrup-ting!

Have you ever spotted someone on the street that is dressed ever so nonchalantly yet makes you wonder what it is that's making them stand out?
Thus Monster Ate My Couture started it's search to find the answer to this. And one girl gave us the answer:
Neha Naik is a student of Fashion at National Institute of Fashion Technology in Calcutta. She's best known in her college for her obviously cute style and thick kohled eyes.
She loves mixing girly with grunge and MAmC digs that she's a D-I-Y baby because she loves to rip her own jeans and cuts 'em up to make the cutest shorts like the one she's wearing above! 
The petite girl likes to add her own twist to whichever garment she wears. A shirt tied up in front, lace stocking with converse or even shredded jeans with a cutesy bubble top, she's fearless in her style statements.
MAmC loves how she matches these vintage looking block heels with her ripped shorts. And the "too-large-for-me" wrap around her neck completes the look perfectly!
And oh, the ring on her finger? Is not really a ring, it's a rubber band knotted around her finger. Conveniently chic? We agree! 
The girl loves to shop at Chemistry, Vero Moda and Benetton, though occasionally you might find her with a pair of scissors in her hand ready to rip up something totally awesome out of her old clothes!

Top: Chemistry
Wrap: Shoppers' Stop
Shorts: Lee
Opaque Stockings: Vero Moda
Shoes: Catwalk

Peace :]

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