Flaunt : Hide- The Prodigal Artificer!

Whenever we think of leather, we think of the that male dominated territory of shoes, belts and bags that much to a woman's dismay, pretty much don't make it to her closet. But then again, there are some people, working away in the shy Leather Design laboratories of Fashion Schools making sure that one day, the hides that men are so proud to wear might become a woman's treasure.
One such person, who I may add is one of the most creatively advanced people at the National Institute of Fashion Technology at Calcutta. This one's for the prodigal artificer:
Reetika Singh is in her Final Year studying Leather Design. Monster Ate My Couture loved the spark that this leather loving lass carries with her.
"I believe in story-telling. Simplicity, complexity or sometimes both, help me make my renditions and I strive to reach out to as many hearts as possible."
 This jacket made of Rexine describes exactly how her design philosophy translates into her work. Simple arcs that flip and meet with the superbly constructed panels make this jacket a stunner!

We also think that this jacket is a classic one, where attention to details make it unique. When asked what her USP is, she said,
"Perhaps the unique surfaces or shapes that I use to create my renditions which may or may not be of leather is definitely what sets me apart."
...And we couldn't agree more!
Her designs come across as a fresh burst of energy and her color combinations are stunning. Like how well the Turquoise and Nude combination looks on this multi-ridged duffel.
So who does this bundle of talent look up to or get inspired by?
"No single designer, artwork or designwork inspires me. My inspirations are drawn from everyone and everything around me. But yes, I really look up to Bottega Veneta's finesse and 

Fabergé egg's beauty."
Nothing less than the best, eh? 
Every designer has a dream client, so who is her dream client?
"Happens to be the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Her panache and confidence instills a certain drive to adorn her."

 Well MAmC thinks that her creativity is best fit for royalty, too. The class and edge in her designs ensure that she is meant to be between stars and here's hoping that she reaches the pinnacle of success that she is aiming for!


Photography & Editing: Subhajit Adhya & Pritam Pradhan
Styling & Products: Reetika Singh 
Model: Sasha Prabhakar

Please note:
Monster Ate My Couture, under any circumstances, is not supporting the leather industry due to the toll it takes on animals. The post has products made of synthetic leather as we are against any sort of animal abuse.

Love and Peace :]


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