For Men and Swag: It's the Dude-Fashion Post.

There are guys. And then there are "well-dressed" guys. The second category of guys are what the masses might follow, or outcast as they wish. These are the anti-fashions. For a guy in India to break away from the Half-sleeved checks or the Bermuda could turn out to be quite a task. Monster Ate My Couture was on the lookout of the guys who did. And look who we found scorching the city.
Kovid is a fashion student and being so styling himself up comes naturally to him. His look is very much inspired from Hip-Hop and the American street style and occasionally he does wear the Hip Hop Cap. *swagger like that?*
Let's put a lid on it now. When it comes to his style, Kovid doesn't just follow the generic B-Boy schemes. MAmC loved how he replaced the over sized (and over-rated) t-shirt with a tee his own size in bright colors. The sneakers with the side lacing caught our eye. (And we adored them).
The killer graphics on the tee=Brownie points! Another thing that got us wolf-whistling was the fact that he actually experimented with wearing jodhpurs with the style he usually carries. The olive cotton jodhpurs give the "baggy" look of the quintessential Hip Hop wardrobe without making him look like he's packing on pounds!
So this one's for the guys: We know you love your 50 Cents and Lil' Waynes but we really don't like the flash of boxers anymore. Its a faux pas now and we'd like to forget it like a nightmare.
Just grab those wayfarers and swagger on!

Photography & Editing: Soumen Halder
Styling: Abhishek Biswas & Radhika Prashar
Creative Direction: Radhika Prashar (Me!) :D
Behind-the-Scenes Photography: Abhishek Biswas

Peace & Love :]