Monster on the Prowl: Chic-Hunt on the Streets!

Monster Ate My Couture was out hunting for the hottest divas on the streets of Kolkata. I feel that this city is so misunderstood about it's fashion sense! And if you have ANY doubts about that, then take the next bus to Salt Lake and drop by at NIFT, Kolkata to take a peek.
This college ups its style quotient and don't you have any qualms about that. "Never compromise on style". That's the mantra of NIFT Cal.
All that was needed was my camera.
MAmC's first outfit post and the honor goes to.... *drum roll*

Zuali reminds us of why we are insanely jealous of North Eastern beauties. They almost always make a statement with whatever they wear. 
Zuali has an amazing taste when it comes to dressing up. Matching the perfect accessory with every garment without over doing it is her personal style. 
My personal favourite pick from her accessories? Her boyfriend’s Burberry watch! Zuali mostly shops from malls at Aizwal and Metro Plaza in Calcutta.
Jumpsuit: Golden Colours, Metro Plaza
Cardigan: Flee Market, Aizwal
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: Millennium Centre, Aizwal
Watch: Burberry

Special thanks to Surabhi Singh for helping me with the shoot. Love you and you know it!
Just incase you're interested, the backgrounds have been taken from this AMAZING Spanish illustrator  Fab Ciraolo. I love his works and am a big fan *respect*. His retro-ish style illustrations contemporizes almost everything people believe in. From Madonna to Alice (in wonderland).... even Jesus! Everyone we know in the way they would really be if they were a part of this world.

Happyness :]