Alexander McQueen once said, "You've got to know the rules to break them." And I guess Fashion School is just teaching me the rules. Nobody is born a Galliano. Sometimes, during class, I design the most complicated of things thinking that if I were a designer, this is what I would sell. But what we forget is if people would want to buy that?
So we were given this assignment in class to make a knock off garment of any designer of our choice. The rules were simple:
1.Analyze the garment.
2. Color may be changed.
3.Very minute details might be changed as well.
4. Fabric should be as close to the actual fabric as possible.
5.Should be draped.
As usual I took out my Collezioni, and sorted out really complicated designs. Something that I was not ready for.
My mentor initially rejected it and asked us to select garments which WE WOULD WANT TO BUY.
I did as I was told and made the garment. It made me realize that the most beautiful of things are best kept simple. It was also a lot of fun, to recreate something within Rs.400 which generally sells for $1500!!

Here are a few of the designs made by my classmates and me. *drum roll*

And finally, my garment. :D :D


So it's easy when you copy and paste. But when you start to copy and make, that's when you know what making an effort is.
Love and Peace :]


  1. loovvd it...wowww!!! u guyzz rock as always...:))

  2. You are fantastic!!!! Brilliant blog! Have a great weekend! :-)

  3. i like ur dress :)
    love megha

  4. Thank you White list and Megha!! Much love.... :) <3

  5. wow.. Brilliant work girl.. loved dt design u added to d garment !! : )
    Plus I loved that yellow dress too !! : ) Kudos to you and your friends..

    You have a great blog here. Especially the background.. Loved it.. : )
    Do stop by my blog sometime-

  6. Thanks a ton! I will surely visit your shop! :] :] <3