WIFW '12, Day 1: Handpicked Hotness.

The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week '12 kicked off in the Capital yesterday. This time around there is alot to see and alot to expect! Well first off, there are more than a 130 designers showcasing their works, higher than any number since it started. Secondly, for the first time FDCI has invited three Japanese fashion designers. Beyond boundaries? Yes, please! That's something I really look forward to!
Well, here's presenting some of the best works of Day 1:

What I loved her collection which heavily reflected Spanish romanticism. Especially the drapes got me in a frenzy!

Man, do I love it when to contrasting elements are put together to create magic! S&N got it right with their drapes to!

 Vineet Bahl's collection had a very nomadic feel to it. A mix of the best Indian brocades mixed with western silhouettes made this one a hit!

The rest of designers, in my case, presented something pretty usual. I guess the market's getting to them.
ANAND KABRA for instance needs a serious up-haul fro the usual heavy embroidery on sheer.

ANUPAMA DAYAL'S work looks seriously Sabyasachi  inspired. The mix and match of prints, embroideries and colours is really not something new.

JAMES FARREIRA did a great job with the whole bandhani and tie and dye prints, especially the one below with the exaggerated bandhani print. However I think the silhouettes could have been more experimental.

ANJU MODI had the styling bang on. Matching brogues with the outfit made them interesting. Just wish I could say the same for the outfits though.

Agree or Disagree? Lemme know below!
Love & Peace!

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