Pants on Fire!

Since trousers are one of Autumn/Winter 2010's key essential, I don't mind the back-to-Classics style. What I have in mind are some of those sharp masculine tailored trousers seen at the Parisian runways last month. Trousers have gone a long way (I cannot BELIEVE I wore harem pants 2 years ago! Ew.). What I love about these high waisted trousers are the comfyness...(Considering my college chairs, VERY TEMPTING! :P).
A few favorite of mine who've got the trouser look exactly how I would've imagined it were John Galliano for Dior (My my, sleek and very equestrian dressing inspired... Riding it well!), Stella Mc Cartney (super sleek and I love the whole Jean Seberg look from the movie "Breathless") and Dries Van Noten (I love Chic and this literally spells it! No one knows casual chic the way Noten does here!). And so it is. Are you trousered enough for A/W 2010 yet?




FASHION COVERS-DOWN: Grazia India, the fashion magazine, is asking me to ditch my skinnies for them and apparently they are refreshing after many seasons of the dress-ruled ramps. But honestly, what is SO miraculous about the Miracle trousers?? Yes sure they make your legs look longer, but in my opinion, these flared trousers just look like "granny's-trying-to-be-hot"!! They are the most hated bell-bottom's distant cousin... OMG! :P I think this season's comeback trend could have been covered in a way better way... SAVE THE TROUSERS!
(From Left)Preeti Chandra, Lecoanet Hemant, Gayatri Khanna, Promod, Mango

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