Flipping through Vogue India (October 2010)

On the cover: The Erratic and gorgeous (mother of two??) Cindy Crawford in my favorite Balmain number... The gold sequined dress from their Fall 2010. line up.. Classy.

Blamain is a very clever brand. In a good way. EVERYBODY LOVES BALMAIN. Period. >>That period signifies the end. <<

I mean just have a look at their Fall 2010-11 Collection:

It's edgy, it's classy... Head turning. And I love the well structured shoulders! Pleasing to the eyes!! Love~

OK quick! Turn to page 312. AAhhhh... The god himself... Karl Lagerfeld (Who told me I'm not a model :( [I'm not fat, I'm voluptuous, Karl ;)] )... oh wait...I just realised... The Balmain connection, AGAIN! [obsession, I fancy :D]
Talking of which I just noticed some of the "not so Chanel" pieces from the Fall 2010 Collection. KARL!!! What happened to these? I thought you hated FAT. Your models are gonna be real upset with you, you know... :(... I mean what was your inspiration? Big-Foot?
If you can't imagine, here they are:

But try as i may I can't talk ill about your knitwear. As always I am blown off (not like Alexa Chung says it) by them... And I loved them Fur Boots, Karl...Muah!!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention!! My aunt went to New Delhi and shopped like mad and got me this Chanel beauty... Fall 2009 but whatev... It's CHANEL. It's  CLASS. And it's MINE! (Happyness)

Oh btw, doesn't Natalia Vodianova look absolutely gorgeous on page 320? A little birdie told me that she's a mother of three (O.M.G.) and has the perfect life (almost fairytale-ish!)... With great beauty comes great happiness *sigh*..

All in all I loved this moth's Vogue India (as usual a culmination of various topics in various Vogue internationals published till date in 2010 :P)

But yet, Happy Anniversary Baby! :) *sips martini* 

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