My Favorite McQueen Spring/Summer 2011 Pieces

Sarah Burton, made me fall in love with her after the show. I was so anticipating another Valentino-style let-down. After all you cannot ever expect two creative minds to think exactly the same way. What Lee's tortured mind thought could not be ever perceived by anyone but himself. I'm sure Burton (Lee's right hand for so many years) must have had to go through alot of pressure to carry on a legacy so grand and so huge! McQueen meant edgy, avant-garde yet a statement on it's own. Sarah Burton on the other is all this but a lot more softer and more feminine. It did have many of McQueen's trademarks engraved like the exaggerated hips, baroque inspirations and the use of excess gold. Gave me a sort of regal feel. And I really like the Earth Goddess inspiration thingy! :)

Fashion. Love. Peace :]

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