A New Beginning: Time to let it go!

2010 wasn't exactly my favorite year. It was one of my worst times ever! I had my first ever heart break. I loved the man very much but it's safe to say that he SOOOOO wasn't worth all the trouble. My close friend Meggna was involved in a car accident. And a few of my toughest decisions were made which ultimately proved disastrous!
The only comfort I had was work, my family and Gaga! :)
So here's to a new beginning!
This post involves some of my favorite designers work/inspirational people in 2010. I sketched and edited them myself. They are basically stylized figures. A few of you may find it disturbing, but I guess it's the only way I can get rid of the ghosts from my past. I hope all the negativity of 2010 does not follow me any longer.

I love art. In every form and way. And V&R made a huge impact on me. This is one of my favourites from their Spring/Summer 2010. What a concept!! I wish I could get into their brain and just see where all this comes from. It is by far one of the best shows I've seen. I have great respect for the duo.. I respect anyone who is a patron of art... :)

I've been following the Brit fashion designer's works since the 2006 London Fashion Week. I would say: Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Viv Westwood... HE'S IN THE LEAGUE OF THESE GREAT THINKERS. He's the reason why I want to apply for Postgrads at Central Saint Martins. I remember sitting in front of the television and watching in awe, as this piece of art, strutted down a runway in Fall 2006. It looked like one of those poodles you make out of balloons. It was black. Dark. Just like Pugh is. Oozing with rebellious ideas.

I woke up on 11th February 2010 and heard the most horrible thing. He died. The reason for all my creativity. He  inspired me to such an extent that I knew I had to realise my dreams at any cost. I wanted to be just like him. No one can replace him.  No one else could combine drama and elegance the way he did.

I was watching the Fall 2010 Couture show on television... Nice soft feminine... Cute... FLOWY.. and then BOOM! Structure-Structure-Structure!! At that moment I realised that may be Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli aren't doing that bad a job as I thought... I still love Valentino... and everything connected to it. :)

Straight from the Haus of Gaga... :) No one can inspire me the way she does. When I listen to her, see her pictures and videos, my creativity gets a high. It's like I'm on GagaHash! She leaves me speechless. <3

A Very Happy New Year Everybody! Keep reading and commenting! Appreciate it all! :)

Fashion. Love. Peace. <3

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  1. these illustrations are so amazing! i hope 2011 is better than 2010!