The Oolah in the Moolah.

I've been so busy at design college! Not getting enough time to blog! But I assure you... My fashion journal is keeping up way too well. I will put up the pictures pretty soon. :)
Whoever said college life would be the best years of my life must not have attended college... or maybe a fashion college to be precise!
Running my Brother (*ahem* the meanie) my vision starts blurring. I realise that maybe the pattern's traced too dark... But then it hits me. The stupid shoulder yoked baby doll top I'm making... is just a tiny grain in the sand... (not to mention its so-five-years-ago... and just boring RTW) I want to make SO MUCH MORE! I guess I'm just NOT a RTW kind of a person! :P Is that bad? Well, here is the sketch of the top I made...

...this Fashion Demon is just HUNGRY...

So I made this in my Fashion Illustration class:

It's made using Chinese ink... specifying specific areas of light and dark. I like this kind of art... Reminds me of Lino-cut... :) (The girl is wearing a Chanel fur coat...haha)

Speaking of Chanel, OMG did you see the ad campaign?? That is so unusual of Lagerfeld... Inès de la Fressange (the original Coco muse, walked the Chanel runway for 21 years!), Stella Tennant, Freja Beha Erichsen, and Baptiste Giabiconi getting it all right... (Freja is my favourite always though. ^_^)... Lagerfeld dropped the typical sophisticated look and this time kept it pretty simple... Like someone clicking pictures at a Sunday brunch... (And oh, the biker boots are intriguing... I mean really.)

One ad campaign I wasn't a fan of was of Louis Vuitton... just like the Fall 2010 ad, it has 3 generations of models (Kristen McMenamy, Raquel Zimmermann, and Freja Beha Erichsen)
1.It's gaudy
2.The pictures are chaotic. In a bad way.
3.Why couldn't they do something more different?
4.The looks for all the shots are pretty similar.

I do however like the sets... and the orientalism of the whole thing... and the Normatal Madge-ish hairstyles+looks... AND the fans! :)

And finally! I had to upload this one because she is my favourite!! Leighton Meester for Missoni... 

Everyone knows that she is my muse... And I love the Missoni ad campaign... (Just like Blake lively is the new face of Chanel...)..
The ad is inspired by The Beatles's St.Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover... L.O.V.E.

That's all folks!

Fashion.Love.Peace.Forevahhh <3

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