How Prabal Gurung Saved Me.

I'm not gonna go on and blabber about my work now. I'm becoming more and more creatively challenged. There is just SOOO much in the fashion world, it's hard to keep a track of everything AND manage 7 submissions in 3 days at college and make 5 dresses in 2 days AND keep my beloved blog updated.

So I guess I will blabber about work after all. Well when you are at NIFT, you're supposed to be efficient and sincere. And an insomniac. My work station overloaded, I just feel so sleepy all the time. It felt horrible missing all the news at London Fashion Week because of my Surface Design Submission...
Correction, 100%-HAND-MADE-designs-repeated-using-a-stencil Surface Design Submission. :P
So I was totally disillusioned. There are times when you feel like a tiny dot in the world. You just feel that every move you make will be like a feather hitting against this solid rock. I felt like I CANNOT make a point in Fashion.
So, I gave up. Stopped stitching the Princess Line dress I was making, and googled New York Fashion Week, 2011.
Well, the first collection I saw and liked was Marchesa.
Marchesa seems to hit every note just right with their Fall 2011. I really liked the feeling. Just being their in between all the tulle, (i always love tulle) the lace (deconstructed at places)... and the muted embroidery... I love how Craig and Chapman have just done beautiful things with the garments without letting go of their signature style. My favourites? All of it!
I guess this is probably everyone's fav....

Fiery, fiery RED!

La Jacket. D.I.E.
Moving on, I really liked Vera Wang, with all its drapiness. But you might think it was all to princessy, but I just loved the contradictions of pairing sheer with leather boots and gloves, or sheer with fur/feather gillets. It was all just too much too handle! Top Picks:
You shudda seen this move on the runway!

The jacket is to die for!

I just like it. :P
Almost all the dresses were pleated. And the cuts were outstanding. Fancy a paradox?
Marc Jacobs, is one of my favorite designers. Because he just can't stay put. He has a knack of being unpredictable. And it totally showed in his line-up. The Beret is the first thing you OBVIOUSLY see. :) And a crazy obsession with.. Polka dots! Think a sex-addicted-asylum-escaped-chic-convict. Not getting the picture? Neither did I till I saw it.

Even the walls on the runway were padded... Freakishly Chic!
And finally, the person who saved me from my dilemma. Prabal Gurung. If I wouldn't be sounding like a 9 year old kid I would say, I wanna be just like him! 
I stopped breathing for a second when Karlie Kloss walked in with that red dress...

Oh the drama of the show! I loved every single piece!! From flowy movements to structure, it was all there. And the wonderful Pop of colour was enchanting to say the least. It was one of my favorite among all the shows.
HOW DID HE SAVE MY LIFE? Well, so after seeing his fashion show video, I googled him. And his story was just an amateur designer's dream. He too is from NIFT who went on to study at Parson's (where I want to be). And now he's EVERYWHERE. I love him! :) :) 
That day, I not only became more serious about my work, I actually realised that giving up would be the stupidest thing I could do. Everyone who becomes popular, is once just an average person with alot of dreams. And dreaming is the first step to achieving... sat down to work again, and next day I ended up getting an A+ in my pegged skirt assignment! *happyness* :)

Fashion. Love. Peace....


  1. i really dont know much about fashion :) , you are helping in a BIG way :) , love your blog :)