Tom Ford's Vintage Couture Show *imagines* plus Burberry Bespoke's debut!

Tom Ford... The most awaited comebacks of the year... And he did it in style! No press, No reviews of the collection, no live coverage... AND YET! He managed to get full publicity of the whole event- which btw, was just a bunch of his close friends and a private fashion show in *wait for it* old world style!
Talk about going back to the beginning of high street! He introduced each model and described each garment just like in the old days.. I'm talking about the 60's... He sure did bring back the magic and charm which fashion held in those days... Too bad for certain guests in the even who tweeted pictures of the event LIVE...
In an interview with Vogue, Ford said,
I want fashion to be fun again, like it was in the ’60s. You couldn’t wait to get the clothes and put them on, and I think we’ve lost that. I don’t get the need for this immediacy. In fact, I think it’s bad. The way the system works now, you see the clothes, within an hour or so they’re online, the world sees them. They don’t get to a store for six months. In addition, all of the fast-fashion companies that do a great job, by the way, knock everything off. So it’s everywhere all over the streets in three months and by the time you get it to the store, what’s the point?
Well, here's a look at Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2011. These picture will be in next month's Vogue shot by Steven Meisel. All the words which come to my mind when I see them are: classic. luxe. expensive. breathtaking. chic. time-proof. And you know what? All these are words ARE associate with Tom Ford. Kudos to him for bringing Classic back. In a real way!

But no matter what, the goal of a brand is TO SELL. And while most of the designers know and believe only that, there are designers like Tom Ford and Christopher Bailey who hold their own without letting go of their roots...
Speaking of Christopher Bailey, Emma Watson was the first person to actually sport a trench coat from the just-about-to-release Burberry Bespoke collection. Watson received it as a gift from Bailey for the premiere of her new movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. *like dying to watch that movie!!*

Vogue UK says,
Burberry Bespoke will be a new fully integrated, innovative digital platform, enabling the personalisation of the iconic Burberry trench coat.

Fashion. Love. Peace! x

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