Traditional Tales and Cut-Head Collab!

I got up this morning to see Priyanka Chopra on my doorstep wearing a Marc Jacobs… On the November Issue of vogue… As I settled in on my comfy chair with  my coffee, I almost spilt it… I CANNOT STAND that ugly nose job… Or lip job (Honestly, I cant even make out)… But though I hate to admit it, she is one of the few well dressed celebs in the country who CAN carry off whatever their stylists hand them!
Talking about Marc Jacobs... I died looking at the Vintage Sari Re-inventions… It’s so vibrant and *gasp* the styling is bang on! (The monogram tube dress is my fav *hearts*). It is contemporary and by the looks of the design I would know it’s an LV… It’s SO Marc! LV literally celebrated Diwali with all Indians world wide with this capsule collection… Apparently, the fashion luxe brand chose Rajeev Sethi who is the:
"first Asian artist chosen by Louis Vuitton to create special window installations across the globe as part of an on-going creative exchange, positioning traditional practices of skilled communities of India – on an international platform." 
 Vuitton promised "nothing but pure originality and cultural richness." And well, they have kept their word.
 Talking about word, a little birdie told me about the Lanvin + H&M colab… (I know I'm a little late about this one!) Pretty dope if I  may say so.

"With asymmetric necklines, ruffles and super-flattering, feminine silhouettes, the collection will carry all of Lanvin's signature trademarks with a pleasing H&M price tag", says Vogue UK.
 I have officially died and gone to fashion heaven! Fierce!

Fashion. Love. Peace.